The Sticker Book On the screen Ideas Encourage your child to try to get a new sticker. Ask them what number they think will be on the new sticker. Once your child has a number of stickers, can they see any patterns in the numbers?  Look at the right hand digits of the numbers and note how they go 5, 0, 5, 0,...  What is the pattern if you look at every other number starting with the 5? Starting with the 10?  Use the Multiplier or Counter Machine to play with counting in 5s. The magnet in the Counter Machine lets you count backwards in 5s by removing them 5 at a time. Try counting in 2s, or other numbers - if you use the Multiplier or Counter Machine your child can count along with them. Get your child to make their own numbered stickers. They could count in 1s or 2s or 5s when numbering the stickers. Award the stickers to themselves, their toys, or their parents for doing things like tidying up, being helpful or just being good. The Sticker Book is where Agents collect their stickers. A new sticker is awarded for every 5 Brain Gain points the Agent gains by playing games, playing with toys and going on missions. As well as acting as a motivation to the Agents, the stickers are a practical example of counting in 5s. All the stickers show images from Numberjacks episodes.   Move your pointer over a sticker to see the picture. Click on a sticker to enlarge it. Click on the loudspeaker to hear the message. Click the arrows to move to another page of the book.