Ideas Look for things in a picture that are the same or have something in common and mark them with the same highlight. See if someone else can work out what they have in common. Use the highlighter to count different things, marking them with a highlight as they are counted. Different highlights can be used to compare the numbers of different things - e.g. In the picture above, the Brain Gain flash has marked all the triangles. A different highlight could be used to mark all the circles. Which are there more of? Make different numbers of things, or draw shapes or other things with the Highlighter. The Highlighter Brush On the screen The Highlighter Brush enables children to highlight and ‘paint’ over pictures, with entertaining sound effects. It is a great aid to looking at, discussing and  ‘marking up’ pictures.  If you press the Prt Scr (Print Screen) key on your PC or Command-Shift-3 on your Mac  you can take a copy of the screen that can be pasted and printed out in most word processing or  graphics programs. In this picture the Brain Gain flash has been used to mark all the triangles, and triangle of splats has been drawn on the wall. Click the blue  arrow to change the picture.  Use the brush to choose different highlights. Click to paint them on the picture. In this picture different numbers of blobs have been put on the plates, and 6 has been given a star for a hat. The swirly arrow resets the screen.