About Numberjacks Mission to Learn

Mission to Learn builds on the creative strengths of the Numberjacks television and radio series, voted the most educational children's television programme in the UK (Tanya Byron, Freeview Survey).

Numberjacks is produced by Open Mind Productions, winners of the Royal Television Society award for 'Best Educational Programme for Children Aged 0 to 5' in both 2006 and 2007. For over 15 years, Open Mind Productions has been making innovative mathematical resources for children, including The Number Crew and Maths Mansion, both of which are used in thousands of schools and homes.

Mission to Learn is closely matched to the early mathematics curriculum in the UK, the US and other countries around the world.

A key strength of Mission to Learn is the wealth of ideas and advice it provides for adults to help them support their children's learning. Every game, toy and mission has a related Information and Ideas screen detailing how the activity works and the learning it promotes, along with ideas of follow-up activities on screen, around the home or when out and about.

Agents get a new message everyday suggesting mathematical activities to enjoy and talk about with adults.

There is spoken help for children on every screen, available by clicking on the Numberjack 7 icon. Mission to Learn is designed to be used by children who cannot yet read, as all instructions and help for children is voiced aloud. The matching text, however, will give early readers valuable practise in reading for a purpose.

Please note that users cannot make contact with anyone else via Mission to Learn, and all data remains entirely confidential and is shared with no other party.