Mission to Learn End of Life Announcement

Unfortunately, Mission to Learn is approaching the end of its life.

This is because the site uses Adobe Flash as its main technology and Adobe have announced that, from the end of 2020, they will no longer support or distribute Flash Player. This has lead the major web browser publishers to announce that they will be withdrawing support for the Flash plug-in from their browsers.

Because of Adobe's decision Mission to Learn will not be able to continue and we will, very reluctantly, be forced to close this site from January 13th 2021. We will keep the site running as usual and free to use until the final end of Flash occurs.

Thank you to all our users and we hope you have enjoyed Mission to Learn and Numberjacks is still available for free on our official YouTube channel – there will be new YouTube videos in 2021. Also, please see our Numberjacks mobile apps which are available on The Numberjack Apps