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The exciting way for young kids to learn mathematics


Maths games for
children aged 3 and over

'It's a great way of teaching maths in a fun way.' AP, Parent, UK.

'I have seen lots of maths resources aimed at this age group, both for use with my son, and at school...' TB, Mathematics Teacher, UK.

'My 3 1/2 year old loves Numberjacks, she's gone from not being bothered about numbers, to being able to count to 50...' AP, Parent, UK.

'My son asks to play NJMTL every day! ' SC, Parent, UK.

'A nice mix of entertainment and education.' CW, Parent, UK.

Numberjacks listed as 3rd best educational television series of all time by The Times Online, UK.

'I'm really impressed with Numberjacks...' MM, Parent, UK.

'You can always count on the well-loved Numberjacks to help develop your child's early math skills.' TVO, Broadcaster, Canada.

'My son... is always on a mission to look for shapes and numbers...' MI, Parent, UK.

'You're fab, Numberjack creators - making life and learning easier for children and parents in our house at least!! MM, Parent, UK.

'The pitch and progression seems to me to have been expertly thought out.' TB, Mathematics Teacher, UK.


Mission to Learn will close on 13th January 2021 for details - please click here|


Engaging games and toys help children develop their mathematical knowledge.


When playing with the rich variety of games and toys, children develop their mathematical skills and understanding. Children have fun with maths, build up their 'Brain Gain', and are rewarded with stickers.

Most games have different levels which encourage and challenge children of varying ages and abilities, and allow them to play with the maths to develop their creativity and thinking skills.


Agents join the Numberjacks on problem-solving missions to help sort out the meanies!


In the missions, children develop and practise their maths as they solve real-world problems.

Each mission concentrates on one or two key mathematical concepts or skills. Children are engaged in an exciting story, learning and applying their developing mathematical skills and understanding in a meaningful context.


Mission to Learn is now being trialled in a number of schools and nurseries.


Mission to Learn is a very powerful and flexible support to teaching and learning in the classroom. It works very well on an interactive whiteboard. Teachers have their own logins for whole-class or group teaching, and each child has a unique login to use in the class or at home.

Email us to find out more about using Mission to Learn in educational settings.

Number 7

Children can click on Numberjack 7 for spoken help.